A City Development Strategy (CDS) is an action-plan for equitable and sustainable growth, developed and sustained through participation of other stakeholders, to improve the quality of life for all citizens under its area of influence. CDS links the process by which local stakeholders define their vision for their city and its economic growth, environmental and poverty reduction objectives, with clear priorities for actions and investments. The Lilongwe CDS is going to be based on the Millennium Development Goals as well as the Malawi Growth and Development Strategy. Remember, think globally but act locally.

Lilongwe CDS has got three major phases and these are:

(1)      Preparatory Phase

This is an information gathering phase. In this phase the LCA hired a consultant who was involved in the information gathering. Results were brought forth and the team together with the mentors worked further on the report.
(2)      Formulation of CDS

Based on the State of the City Report consultative meetings were held involving almost all the city citizenry through institutions, NGO, Churches, Government Departments, service organizations and major landlords to prioritize existing problems facing the city and come up with action plans. In this phase, emerging issues from the stakeholders were grouped into five themes. The themes were: Governance, Financial Management, Shelter and Land, Infrastructure and Environment, and Community Development.
From the themes established, vision and goals were formulated. These were arrived at from the views of several stakeholders reflecting each theme. At the moment, the taskforce team is working on the development of action plans according to priority activities in line with the themes developed from the CDS.

(3)      Implementation of the CDS

Action plans formulated at (2) above will be implemented over a set period of time in terms of short, medium and long term.

Please note that the taskforce and extended taskforce is getting involved throughout the process. This is aimed at having all the participants contribute towards the development of the CDS from the start till the final phase for purposes of participatory planning and implementation.

 Once all the prioritized problems are implemented, another set of priorities will be set through participation followed by implementation. The process will be on-going.